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Why Choose NCC

Nevada Children’s Center (NCC) offers fun and interactive solutions for parents and families who have children in need of playing their way to happiness.

Our mission is to empower young victims of abuse, neglect, and mental afflictions by providing rehabilitative mental health interventions with a variety of community-based partners.

We believe that every child deserves a hero. If you need to write an essay about a hero in your life and need assistance, visit . Our objective is to give at-risk children the tools and guidance they need to advocate for themselves while coping with challenging circumstances. The goal is to develop higher self-esteem, form strong relationships, and learn to become productive members of their families, schools, and society.

The curriculum at the Nevada Children’s Center has been developed by our skilled, trained staff to address behaviors by dividing them into four main behavior categories.

  • Impulse Control & Attending to Task
  • Anger Management & Anxiety Control
  • Expressing Your Feelings & Self Esteem
  • Socializing & Communication

Nevada Children's Center offers the following rehabilitative mental health (RMH) interventions in accordance with the Nevada Medicaid Services Manual (MSM), Chapter 400:

Respite Care

Respite provides a time-limited break for families and children experiencing mental health, behavioral health, and/or developmental delays.

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Individual and Family Therapy

Psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy can help overcome a variety of thoughts and behaviors.

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Group Therapy

Our therapists utilize methods that include mindfulness, art, social skills, and anger management.

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Basic Skills Training (BST)

One-on-one, community-based services that take place in schools, homes, libraries, parks, and other settings.

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Psycho-Social Rehabilitation

Behavior management, social competency, communication, moral reasoning, emotional intimacy, self-sufficiency...

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